Organic-Based Lawn Care

Early spring – Early March through Mid-April

Crabgrass control with balanced fertilization – This application will promote root strength and offer season-long control of crabgrass.

Late spring – Mid April through May

An application of weed control that will wipe out broadleaf weeds including dandelions and clover – The slow-release fertilizer will keep a dark green color without creating excessive growth.

Early summer – June through Mid-July

Slow-release fertilizer with micronutrients to promote stronger and heartier plants – Spot treatment of broadleaf weeds and nutsedge as needed.

Late summer -Mid July through August

Surface feeding insecticide with slow-release fertilizer – This application will help control ants, fleas and ticks in the lawn.

Fall – September through Mid-October

Strong fertilization with an application of broadleaf weed control – This application will help the lawn recover from summer stress and damage while cleaning up any broadleaf weeds.

Winterizer – Mid October through November

Winterization fertilizer to promote a deep spring green-up and thick healthy turf

Healthy and Beautiful

We promote organic-based lawn care because it is the sensible solution for the modern turf. Your lawn is a living being, and it needs nourishment just like humans. When you make sound nutrition choices for your lawn, the healthier it will be.

Organic-based lawn care products train your lawn to become more self-sustaining. This lengthens the maintenance cycle and saves you money in the long run.

Lawn Care Program

It is our job to make your lawn green, luscious, and healthy. Your lawn is an important part of the beauty and character of your home. Professional care and attention to detail is important for ensuring your lawn’s optimal health.

We start by setting up a 6 application customized program for your lawn. Each lawn is unique, and we make sure the program caters to it specifically. This program consists of 6 feedings of fertilizers and weed controls. Continual attention to your lawn is crucial for its luscious green beauty throughout the season. Once Country Club Lawn and Tree has finished its work, your lawn will be the best looking in the neighborhood, and backed by the best customer service in the industry.

Contact one of our lawn consultants to schedule your Country Club Lawn and Tree Specialists Program for your home today.


A stronger turf

A strong turf is the foundation of a healthy and beautiful lawn. Organic lawn care products restore your soil and support healthy growth cycles throughout the year.

A smarter approach

We have the most enlightened, educated lawn care specialists in the industry. These aren’t part-timers, killing time over the summer applying fertilizer to your lawn. They’re highly trained and continually educated, dedicated to understanding and applying the science behind lawn care and to making your lawn green, lush and healthy.

A professional approach

All Country Club Lawn professionals, whether in the office or in the field, are courteous, informed and responsive. As a privately owned company, we answer only to you. So whether you’re asking a question, seeking advice or scheduling a service, you’ll find us prompt, professional and passionate about what we do.

A customized approach

Each lawn is unique – so why do some lawn care companies treat ’em all the same? At Country Club Lawn each lawn is visited and evaluated to determine the perfect treatment for your lawn and soil conditions. And you’ll be assigned a licensed lawn technician for the entire season, for consistent and personalized service.

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