Total Lawn Renovation

Total Lawn Renovation

Most lawns if properly cared for will have a long and healthy life. But sometimes older lawns will start to show some wear and tear from people, pets, drought conditions, weeds, foreign grasses, and the elements. Lawn renovation is the process of repairing your lawn from simple repairs such as dead spots, to more complex problems that may require replanting. Country Club Lawn and Tree Specialists, Inc. has specialized in lawn renovations for the past 15 years. If you are considering renovating your lawn, contact the experts first. Let us guide you the process step by step.

Some of the most common signs that your lawn may need renovation:

Approximately 20-40% of the lawn is dead or has very sparse growth. This may be due to a variety of factors such as low soil fertility, drought and heat, insect damage, poor mowing practices, disease, moderate soil compaction, or increasing shade and competition from growing trees.


Step One

Country Club Lawn and Tree Specialists need to apply a non-selective herbicide to eliminate the undesirable grasses and weeds from your lawn. In some instances this process is not necessary and the actual seeding process can begin.

Step Two

We will double-pass aerate your lawn to help it breathe.

Step Three

Next step, we will use a piece of equipment specifically designed for renovating lawns to slice the soil and establish a seedbed. This process allows the seed to make direct contact with the soil, so proper germination can occur. To encourage germination and ensure a healthy start for the seeding turf, we’ll apply a special “starter” fertilizer. This fertilizer is formulated specifically for newly seeded areas and contains just the right balance of nutrients for young grass plants.

Step Four

Now it will be time for the most important step of all – water. Your lawn renovation will be successful only if the area is properly and consistently watered for four to six weeks following seeding. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with complete instructions.


You will see continuous development and improvement over a period of about 4-12 weeks. Once the lawn is established, it is very important to maintain it correctly. Proper mowing, watering and fertilization will be key. In time, broadleaf weeds will be treated accordingly based on turf development.

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