Bermuda Grass Suppression

Eliminating Bermuda Grass in Fescue Lawns

“How do I kill Bermuda Grass” is an all too common question we receive weekly from homeowners. We may have the answer you have been looking for! Country Club Lawn and Tree is happy to introduce our new Plyex Treatment Program designed for the elimination/suppression of Bermuda grass in cool season turf. Pylex has shown to be safe in most cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass.

Killing Bermuda grass is a challenge in any setting, but especially when you don’t want to ruin your tall fescue lawn. It requires some diligent attention, a bit of work, being persistent and patient, and spraying a very specific product called Pylex at regular assigned intervals.

Killing Bermuda grass that has invaded fescue grass will depend on this basic formula: make the fescue happy and make the Bermuda sad. Then make the Bermuda feel even worse, till it surrenders. With all that, the end result may be what we refer to as “suppression.” We are confident we can take it all the way to eradication. Are you interested?

Pylex herbicide has also shown excellent seeding flexibility by allowing seeding to occur any time after or at time of application. Applications to newly germinated seedings must be delayed four weeks after initial germination. Three applications spaced three weeks apart have shown best results. A special mix of Pylex herbicide with triclopyr has provided the greatest control and also significantly reduces the bleaching.

Treatment schedule:

  • First application: August 1
  • Second application: August 21
  • Third application: Sept 14

What to expect when applications have begun:

  • Pylex is absorbed by leaves, roots and shoots. Soon after application, treated areas turn white and growth stops. Affected weeds then become necrotic and are controlled.

Our controlled program in conjunction with fall Overseeding will help with the conversion back to the cool season grasses. We may be successful within one year’s growing season… IF… the Bermuda grass is not deeply entrenched. If it is a very mature infestation, you will face multiple years of repeating the same process. It’s up to you, and you’ll never know if you don’t try.

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