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How to Slit Seed Your Lawn

How to Slit Seed Your Lawn

If your lawn has bald patches, is thinning or is overgrown with weeds that don’t allow grass to get the necessary nutrients, overseeding the lawn may be a better solution to repair it to its full green glory than uprooting the existing grass.

For overseeding, you will have to use a special machine called a slit seeder. These are rolling machines capable of digging a quarter inch deep furrow into the soil, dropping seeds into the furrows and then closing them, all while they move. This allows the seeds to properly germinate.

One of the reasons why it’s better to slit seed and not broadcast seed is because with the first method, the seed can get into the soil and better germinate. This allows a higher germination rate for the seeds.

You’ll need three things if you decide to slit seed your lawn:

  1. A lawn mower
  2. A slit seeder
  3. Some grass seed

Here’s How to Slit Seed a Lawn

For most lawns and yards, a vertical slit seeder model will be sufficient, but if you have a larger lawn you might consider getting a tractor model.

It’s best if you prepare your lawn in the early spring by mowing the grass and removing the weeds. With that out of the way, buy some seeds and put about half of them in the slit seeder hopper and change the seeding application rate to half the recommended rate.

With the slit seeder go back-and-forth across your lawn (vertically), just like you would when mowing it. Once finished, put the rest of the seeds into the machine and repeat the same process, but this time moving diagonally or horizontally from the previous pattern.

Finally, for the next two weeks, you need to water the lawn every day. This will promote seed germination.

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