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The quality of soil that is on your property has a lot to do with the health of your lawn.

For a soil analysis, we collect twelve or more cores which will then be combined into one composite sample. The samples will include soil from the surface to a depth of 2-4 inches. We take a minimum of two cups of soil per sample to test.

We take a soil sample from each section of your yard. Usually this means, for example, one sample in your front yard, each side yard, and the back. If you have a problem area where plants do not seem to grow well, we take a separate soil sample from that location. Each sample represents only one soil type or area for each of the locations.

Soil test results usually take between 1-2 weeks to be analyzed. You will be contacted with the results and supplied a copy of the report. We will go over the information and make recommendations accordingly.

*Soil tests only performed on currently active accounts!

The More You Know

Why are (PH) levels so important in Illinois?

It’s because soil acidity, or alkalinity, directly affects all plant growth. If a soil is too sour or too sweet, plants cannot take up nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). And plants need specific amounts of those compounds—just like we need proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins to grow—to thrive and fight off disease and stress. Nutrient uptake and pH

Soil is like the human body. Too much salt is harmful, and it needs just the right amount of water. If it’s too sour or too sweet, nobody likes to live around it. When its chemical balance is out of whack, it suffers wear and tear. It needs testing by professionals on a regular basis. It’s likely to prefer drinking over eating, and too much P is definitely a detriment!

Interpreting your soil test results from Country Club Lawn and Tree Specialists, Inc.

An excess or deficiency of any one of the nutrients in the soil can increase or decrease the pH reading. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium all have an effect on the alkalinity of a soil. Our goal is to balance the soil in a way that will, in turn, bring the pH closer to 6.5. A pH of 6.5 is desired because this is the level at which most nutrients are readily available.

Phosphorus (P)

Phosphorus is an essential element and is classified as a macronutrient because of the relatively large amounts of P required by plants. Phosphorus is one of the three nutrients generally added to soils in fertilizers. One of the main roles of P in living organisms is in the transfer of energy. Organic compounds that contain P are used to transfer energy from one reaction in order to drive another reaction within cells. Adequate P availability for plants stimulates early plant growth and hastens maturity. Although P is essential for plant growth, the mismanagement of P in the soil can pose a threat to water quality. The concentration of P is usually sufficiently low in fresh water so that algae growth is limited. When lakes and rivers are polluted with P, excessive growth of algae often results. High levels of algae reduce water clarity and can lead to decreases in available dissolved oxygen as the algae decays, conditions that can be very detrimental to game fish populations.

Potassium (K)

The desired value of potassium is 5%, but we like to see it closer to 7% for lawns and trees. Potassium is the most critical factor in a lawn’s ability to withstand wear and tear. In trees, potassium helps give stalk strength. Potassium has been referred to as the poor man’s irrigation, because potassium will help a plant through droughts more than any other nutrient. Calcium (Ca) We use sulfur to drive calcium down. A high level of Ca takes up a majority of the space in the soil, preventing the efficient uptake of other nutrients. Calcium is needed to feed the microorganisms and affects the permeability of plant cell walls and the thickness of stems.

Magnesium (Mg)

Magnesium is important for photosynthesis and acts as the glue in a soil. Too much Mg in a soil causes compaction and tightness, creating major problems. The desired percentage is 11%. Many soils have a low Mg level at around 4% – 7%. The actual amount of Mg in a soil can be figured by subtracting 69% from the percentage of Ca found in the soil test, then adding that figure to the Mg percentage. This demonstrates the amount of Mg that is being tied up by Ca and therefore unavailable to a growing plant. But until Mg is above 11%, the Mg will be a limiting factor as a plant nutrient.

Sodium (Na)

Normally, sodium is not a concern. Some neighborhoods have salt problems created by incorrect watering, which causes the salt to accumulate. Watering for short periods of time frequently can cause a sodium build-up. We recommend one inch of water per week, without causing excessive runoff. This schedule will flush the harmful salts out of the root zone. Major problems arise when the level of sodium is higher than the potassium. Sodium and potassium are similar elements and plants will take up the sodium instead of the potassium, causing cells in the plant to die.

Nitrogen (N)

A calculated value from the release of humus. Nitrogen is necessary for the formation of every cell. A large amount of available nitrogen—such as found in synthetic fertilizers—causes the humus to burn out and creates rapid unhealthy growth in plants.

  • We called Country Club after a few friends highly recommended their services. Lisa Matter came out to our house & we spent an hour or so walking our yard & discussing any problems she saw & the treatment program she recommended for us. She was VERY knowledgeable & answered EVERY question I threw at her… (and there were MANY)! Needless to say, after Lisa’s visit & seeing the results that our friends had with their lawns…We signed up for our 1st season of treatment. Lisa repeatedly followed up with us & made sure we were comfortable w/ the quoted price given w/o being overbearing. After only ONE application so far, we can tell a HUGE difference compared to my “do-it-myself” ways. If things look this good with only one application? I can’t wait to see the results after a FULL season’s program!

    Jeffrey Myers
  • We have been using Country Club Lawn and Tree Care at our home for several years now and are always pleased. Our lawn always looks fantastic! The staff are top-notch and are always kind and respectful. We recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors. We appreciate the pay-ahead for the year option as well! Thank you Country Club Lawn and Tree Care!

    Sarah Harris Linke
  • My yard has never looked better. I used to do all my lawn fertilizing and seeding myself. It took a lot of time – and money – I have found with Country Club – I get more service and better treatment than I could ever have done myself. No more aggravation on how much or when to apply. They are the best!

    Jim Heberer
    Millstadt, IL
  • With the help of Country Club Lawn and Tree our funeral home received the Appearance Award for the City of Wood River. The reason I say it was with their help is because our lawn went from ok to fabulous with the help of Country Club’s precise applications and dedicated staff. We continue to contract with them year after year and couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you!

    Tyler Pitchford
  • I am most impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of your staff. They always let me know when they are in the yard and are very friendly and helpful when I have questions.

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  • In all my years, and various locations I have lived throughout the country, Country Club Lawn and Tree Service, is far and above other companies in customer satisfaction and follow up on a personal basis. Thanks for all the assistance you have provided me throughout the years.  Keep up the good work!

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  • First year using Country Club and I could not be more happy. We bought a new home last year with dead sod in the back yard and we were too late to seed/ aerate and really expect any results this year. We went ahead and got rolling with some of the other recommended treatments before winter and again this spring. To our surprise they actually got the back yard to come in pretty nice already and the front is looking green, full, and clover free in spite of two empty lots on both sides of us full of the nonsense. These guys are pros in every sense of the word and their product works. Nice to spend my time doing more family things and less piddling around with my yard this year! Thanks Country Club

    Andy Carr
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  • This company takes pride in their work.  Quality not quantity.

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  • Great people! Great company!

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  • This is not a request, rather I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your lawn services.  My lawn looked absolutely GREAT this year. I received SO many compliments on it! Also, each and every time someone from your company came out, they were very courteous and polite. They always came to the door first to let us know they were there and what they would be doing and if we had any questions or concerns.  Thank you very much, and I look forward to a great season with you next year.

    Jerry Culp
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  • Just wanted to let you know how much I  appreciate all the call aheads you do and the yard looks great and services from Chris could not be better.  Please keep up the good work!

    John Golden
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  • I don’t know how you can improve!   What I love best about your company is having the same technician servicing my lawn each time.   Cody just doesn’t  do the application that is scheduled, he thinks on his feet and does what is needed depending on what he sees when he arrives.   He knows his business!  I hope to have Cody back again next year.

    Diane Hartman
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  • Great improvements since starting services.   Continue to improve my lawn.

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  • Your company is no doubt the best in the area!

    Liz Mobley
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  • My lawn was not pleasing to my eye. I was using a lawn service and not satisfied with the results. I decided to give Country Club a try and have been very pleased. Why give my money outside my community , better to spend within. Country Club is professional and courteous. The personal phone call thanking me for my business, made huge in my book!!! Thanks again

    Lisa Early
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