Bed Weed Control


Your residential and/or commercial property’s landscape beds and borders are signature showpieces for yourself, tenants, employees and customers. They add to the attractiveness and value of your property. A Country Club Lawn and Tree Specialists, Inc. Bed Weed Management Program is designed to manage unsightly grasses and broadleaf weeds in your landscape beds.

Common weeds like dandelion, spurge and crabgrass can overtake the plants in your landscape beds. Our frequent series of hot, dry days followed by humid nights are conducive to weed growth. Weeds crack the foundation and force their way to the surface, spoiling the appearance and the foundation of your investment.

A weed control system ensures your beds; borders and walkways are healthy, beautiful and weed-free. The Bed Weed Management Program is designed for your mulch and ornamental rock beds. The pre-emergent controls are designed to go over the top of most ground covers and plant material.


Our Bed Weed Control Program

  • Flower Beds
  • Landscape Beds
  • Crushed Rock & Rock Gardens
  • Mulch Areas
  • Decorative Landscape Around Pool Area


Our annual program will provide professional and timely treatments to protect your property throughout the growing season.

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