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Protect The Health Of Your Trees and Shrubs

Healthy trees and shrubs are a great addition to a healthy lawn.  You may have also invested thousands of dollars in your landscaping so let’s protect it.   The most expensive components of your landscaping are the ornamental trees and shrubs.   Country Club Lawn Tree and Shrub care program will help protect your investment with applications designed to help your landscape thrive!   Our comprehensive 5 step tree & shrub program provides an insecticide, fungicide, miticide, and fertilization to keep your landscape looking great!   Here’s a look at our tree & shrub care program:


This treatment controls dormant and overwintering insects. Horticultural oil is an excellent treatment for controlling insect infestations before they have a chance to begin.  This application is the first step to controlling Spider Mites, Lace Bugs and White Fly Larvae which can cause severe damage.  Other target pests include Apple Aphids, Leaf Miners and Scale insects.


Timing is critical to effectively control insects and diseases found in trees and shrubs. Insect population growth and disease activities are both temperature dependent.  As a result, we have found the best results in controlling their presence through a vigilant program of monitoring throughout the season.  This application targets the following pests: Lace Bugs, European Tent Caterpillar, Mites, Tent Caterpillars, Aphids, Leaf Miners and Scale insects.  A systemic fungicide helps to control leaf diseases such as leaf curl, anthracnose, leaf spot, and powdery mildew.


Due to the vast amount of insect species and the impossibility of predicting when natural conditions will call them to activity, it is imperative that we consistently provide inspection and control measures. The frequency and timing of inspections are uniquely suited to the plant material in our region.  This allows us to intercede before significant damage occurs from environmental conditions or insect infestations.  Common pests found and treated during this application include: Bagworms, Japanese Beetles, Spider Mites, and a variety of Scale insects.


During this application period, careful scouting and applications are necessary to ensure that infestations are not allowed to get out of control. We commonly treat for Fall Webworm, Spider Mites, Japanese Beetles and any remaining Bagworms.


For small and medium trees a slow release fertilizer is injected into the root zone approximately 10-12 inches below the surface. A granular slow release fertilizer will be applied to smaller landscape as needed.  This application is before winter because it provides vital nutrients to help sustain trees going into dormancy and provides essential micro/macro nutrients for new growth in spring.

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